Take Our Advice: A Handbook for Gardening in Northern Virginia

Second Edition

By Margaret Fisher
Margaret Rogers, editor


Make room for wildlife and learn your neighbors’ secret to a beautiful garden.

All proceeds go to the Student Peace Awards of Fairfax County

Review by Rachel Shaw, Washington Gardener Magazine, of the first edition:

…and one of the things that pleased me most about this book is that there is a solid emphasis on what I think of as responsible gardening. A chapter called “Fitting Into the Ecosystem” gives some ideas about planting natives, removing invasive species, and using our own yards to do some habitat restoration. Another chapter, called “The World is Your Garden,” has suggestions for gardening or nature-related volunteer opportunities, such as becoming a tree steward, master naturalist, or stream monitor. There’s also an excellent “Do Not Plant” list of species invasive to our area…  For someone both new to the area and inexperienced at gardening, it’s a great way to get a look at a lot of gardening issues without being overwhelmed. Experienced gardeners might skip some chapters altogether, but will likely find value in others. Newcomers to the area might be particularly interested in chapters on local plant sales and garden shows, garden tours, and other resources such as local radio and TV shows and local plant societies. Long-time residents are likely to find some good nuggets in these same chapters. I think there’s something of value in this book for most local gardeners.