Book Table of Contents

A handy reference for most gardening subjects, including:

General gardening topics –
Six things beginners should know
What’s different about Northern Virginia?
Handy tips
Favorite tools and equipment
Keeping track of what you have
What does “full sun” actually mean?
Mulch and soil amendments
How to plant flowers, shrubs and trees
Watering tips, clipping hedges
Saving money: free stuff, bargains and other tips
Gardening with children
Dealing with deer, voles and other critters
Fruits and vegetables, herbs, beekeeping
Growing from seeds
Design tips, woodland walks, water features
Container gardens, houseplants, bonsai
Roses, ferns, trees, ornamental grass
Lawn care
Poison ivy
Four season gardening

Strong emphasis on native plants and fitting into our ecosystem
Why go native?  Why go organic?
Why remove invasive aliens?
Creating friendly habitat for birds, bees, etc.
Rain gardens
Volunteer opportunities

Handy charts-
Reliable annuals, perennials, and shrubs for our climate
Do Not Plant list

Information about local resources-
Local garden centers
Public gardens
Plant sales and garden shows
Annual garden tours
Mail order companies